Lighthouse Baptist Church
4280 Hopeful Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

April 16th Youth Rally

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Dear fellow laborers in Christ, 


            We are very grateful for the opportunity to invite you to our youth rally on Friday, April 16th at 6:00 PM. Our Bible Quiz is going to be over Philippians 2-3 and we will provide “to-go” bags after the service so food will be provided. We are also thankful to have brother David Sommerdorf here during that time to preach the youth rally service. 


            We are very aware of the unprecedented situation that churches around the nation have been facing for the past year due to the virus. We understand that methods of how to deal with that situation varies from church to church, and therefore we are inviting people with differing perspectives. That being the case, our aim, though we know it cannot be perfectly achieved, is to provide a service that is both cautious and reasonable. 


            In order to help us accomplish this task, please consider the following:

·      First, please do not bring anyone with you who is not feeling well. 

·      We are not going to make wearing a mask mandatory, though if it is something you would prefer, we understand and encourage it. 

·      We are going to be holding our service in our gymnasium rather than our normal auditorium in order to provide more appropriate distancing. 

·      We will treat each youth group as a social group within the gymnasium during the service and have each group properly distanced. 

·      We will play games that do not require physical contact.

·      The food being provided will be be handled with caution, proper sanitization, and gloving. 

·      Finally, each youth group that would prefer to forego the fellowship after the service will be dismissed first to grab their to-go bags and head home. After which, those who would prefer to stay, eat,  and fellowship in the gymnasium are welcome to do so. 


While it may be an important goal to provide a youth rally that finds the balance between caution and reason, the most important goal that we have is to provide teenagers an opportunity to hear from God. Even though much has changed in terms of how services are being held, the one thing that cannot change is the emphasis upon God’s Word because it is the only thing sufficient enough to produce godly young men and women out of our teenagers.


Please prayerfully consider attending the youth rally at Ellicott Baptist Church on April 16th. If you have any questions please get a hold of me by way of email at or by way of phone at 719-352-4932. If you plan to attend, please inform me by Wednesday, April 14th  of the approximate number in your group and whether or not you plan to stay for the fellowship following the service.  Thank you for your time, we hope to see you soon. 



Bryce Johnson

UPDATE: the venue and start time for this rally has changed to 7:00pm at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. Bible quiz information is still over Philippians 2-3, and Bro. Sommerdorf will still be preaching this month's rally. We appreciate your patience regarding these changes.
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